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Samara State children`s sanatorium «Yunost» is sanatorium for children and children with parents whose mission is «Guarding the health of children in the name of the future of the nation» provides year-round multidisciplinary sanatorium-and-spa medical care, on its own medical base, to more than 6,000 patients. The complex of buildings of the Yunost sanatorium is represented by one two-storey and two three-storey medical buildings, where children from 4 to 15 years of age and their parents receive SPA-medical care for various chronic diseases (respiratory and ENT organs, digestive organs, system blood circulation, nervous system, endocrine system, genitourinary system, metabolism, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, skin and subcutaneous tissue, etc.):

• Department №1(located in Samara, 9 glade, 3 line), specialized in: respiratory diseases (pulmonology) - budget, compulsory medical insurance; “Mother and Child” - paid services, health camp;

• Department №2 (located in Samara, 7 Shvernika street), specialized in: antituberculosis – budget;

• Department №3 (located in Samara, township «Yuzhniy», building 30), specialized in: pediatric somatic - budget, compulsory medical insurance; “Mother and Child” - paid services, health camp.

The sanatorium employs qualified and experienced medical, nursing, teaching staff, there is a unique diagnostic and treatment base. Minimal drug therapy is combined with natural and preformed therapeutic factors (physiotherapy, etc.). A powerful medical base, professionalism of employees, attentive attitude to patients, provides an effective result. For many years, the sanatorium has been the center of scientific and methodological work, the clinical base of regional medical universities and colleges. For leisure, sports and recreational and cultural events, there are conference rooms, music lounges, game rooms, libraries, physical therapy gyms, children's playgrounds, organized contests, creative studios, dance and entertainment programs, etc. Qualified educators, medical psychologists and continuing education teachers work with children. The medical buildings of departments №1 and 3 are located in a picturesque wooded and coastal zones. The territory is paved, deliberates at night, decorated with lawns, gazebos, shrubs, trees and flower beds. For security reasons, round-the-clock security posts operate, video surveillance is conducted. At the beginning of the 20th century, well-known provincial doctors (Gran, Obraztsov, Kavetsky, Ern) took the initiative to open "school sanatoriums" for weak health male and female gimnasium students from poor families. The first children's health resorts, at the expense of philanthropists (Alfred fon Wakano, Andrey Subbotin, etc.) appeared in Samara region, in the summer of 1900 and 1901: at the Sernovodsky resort and in several villages located in picturesque places near the river and forest. Since the project of school sanatoriums was a great success, it was decided to organize them every year. However, the events of 1917 made adjustments to their functioning, and they were only able to revive from the mid 1950s. At this time, more than 10 regional children's sanatoriums began to work in the department of the regional health department of the Kuybyshev region. The most popular profiles in that post-war period were tuberculosis, rheumatism, rickets, etc. Department №1 of the sanatorium, was opened one of the first among these children's sanatoriums, in 1956, as the children's anti-tuberculosis sanatorium №2, on the ninth summer glade and in 1972 it was named "Yunost". In 1963, a stone building was built on the site of the original wooden medical building with wood heating. Today’s department № 2 of the sanatorium in the past is a children's anti-tuberculosis sanatorium №4 on Shvernika street, which was opened in 1957 and subsequently received the name of the sanatorium “Solnechny”. And since 1972, the building of a boarding school of sanatorium type №10 in the township «Yuzhny» was transferred to the children's cardio-rheumatological sanatorium "Druzhna", now department №3 of the sanatorium "Yunost". A distinctive feature of children's sanatoriums in our area was close cooperation with scientists and the introduction of scientific developments in clinical practice. Candidates and doctors of medical sciences, employees of the Kuibyshev Medical Institute, took an active part in the development of the system of children's sanatoriums. And in the crisis period of the 1990s, the children’s sanatorium service in the Samara region was saved thanks to the correct and balanced decision of the leadership of the regional health department. The latest history of the «Yunost» sanatorium is associated with the development of modern technologies and their implementation in the healing process, while minimizing drug exposure. Honoring traditions, «Yunost» takes the most advanced and the best of modern medical science.

The central Russia is the native Russian landscape of the river and low mountains, which has been surrounding us since childhood, forms our character, conveys our mood and love of life. The nature of central Russia, which was praised by a lot of prominent Russian artists, poets, writers, fills a person with peace of mind. In the sanatorium, 5 meals a day are offered, according to a 14-day menu, due to the needs of the organisms of children and adults. In the department №1 (pulmonological) children with respiratory diseases receive treatment. The department is equipped with a wide range of physiotherapeutic equipment, treatment rooms: speleocamera, cedar health resort, balneotherapy center, manual and hardware massage room, ENT doctor’s office, phys. cabinet (apparatus for galvanization and electrophoresis, for sinusoidal modulated current therapy, apparatus for complex electrotherapy, apparatus for transcerebral pulsed electrotherapy (electrosleep), apparatus for phototherapy, darsonvalization, apparatus for UHF therapy portable, apparatus for local UV irradiation, inhalers ultrasonic and compressor, mud and paraffin heater, balneological bathtubs, pearl, licorice), equipment for an exercise therapy room, therapeutic health path. Effective monitoring of the dynamics of the condition of children, against the background of treatment with natural and preformed factors in the sanatorium, makes it possible to use modern diagnostic equipment. In the department № 2 (anti-tuberculosis) treatment and prophylactic measures, prevention in which the use of physiotherapy, preventive measures, and the formation of a sanitary-hygienic culture are important. Patients in this department of the sanatorium are undergoing aftercare or preventive treatment, before clinical recovery. The treatment is based on a set of medical and recreational measures, the purpose of which is to strengthen the child’s body and increase its resistance, which uses the medical and protective regime of the day and nutrition, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, inhalation and massage. Department №3 (multidisciplinary) works on such profiles as diseases of the digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system, endocrine system, genitourinary system, metabolism, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, skin and subcutaneous tissue, etc. Speleotherapy is used in a special room, made of therapeutic ore blocks, various types of massage, physiotherapy exercises, various types of apparatus physiotherapy and inhalation, paraffin and mud therapy, hirudotherapy, herbal medicine, mineral water intake, a wide range of therapeutic baths and showers, aromatherapy, underwater massage shower , heat treatment in the "Cedar Health Resort", hammam, licorice oxygen cocktails, herbal teas, etc. At the sanatorium, a pediatrician, a pulmonologist, an otorhinolaryngologist, a neurologist, an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist, a phthisiatrist, a psychotherapist, a physiotherapist, an acupuncture specialist, and a dentist consult patients. Accommodation in a sanatorium for children applying for spa treatment and / or rehabilitation is provided both individually and in groups, in rooms (wards):

• Room (ward) of 4th category for group accommodation of children (accommodation from 4 to 8 people) - a spacious room, which provides everything you need for children's relaxation: a bed with a weekly change of linen and towels, wardrobe, bedside table, sink for washing hands . On a post there is a round-the-clock nursing post, a game room, a hygiene room, a refrigerator;

• Room (ward) of 3rd category for group accommodation of children (accommodation from 4 to 6 people) - a spacious, recently renovated ward, which provides everything necessary for children's relaxation: a bed with a weekly change of linen and towels, a wardrobe, a bedside table, a sink for washing hands. On a post there is a round-the-clock nursing post, a game room, a hygiene room, and a refrigerator;

• Room (ward) of 2nd (superior) category, - «semi-suite» (accommodation from 1 to 4 people) - the room consists of one or two rooms, with a separate hygiene room, in the room - a sleeping bed with a bedside table, a wardrobe, TV, fridge, cable TV, WiFi;

• Room (sleeping room) of the 1st category of superior comfort, - «luxury» (accommodation from 1 to 2 people) - the room consists of one or two rooms for individual use, with a separate hygiene room, in the room there is a sleeping bed with a bedside table, wardrobe, TV, fridge, cable TV, WiFi. For recovery, the psychological climate is important. Therefore, staying in a sanatorium in «Yunost» includes not only a modern course of treatment, but also boring leisure time. Honoring the traditions laid down by the first organizers of the Samara provincial children's sanatoriums in the 1900s, in the modern "Youth" pay great attention to what children do in their free time. During the academic year, a school operates in the sanatorium: teachers of attached schools conduct classes. There are libraries, games and sport grounds, clubs, studios and hobby groups. For children competitions, quizzes, games, concerts, tours, and much more are taking place. The sanatorium pays lots of attention to the treatment of children in difficult life situations, the teachers and psychologists of the sanatorium try to pick up a key from the heart of each child. With the blessing of Metropolitan of Samara and Novokuybyshevsk Sergiy, in the territory of detachment №1 of the sanatorium, the Church Chapel was recreated in honor of St. Seraphim of Sarov, modeled on the wooden Orthodox church, which existed here in the past. In the pulmonology department at Barboshyna Polyana, the greened area and the health path create favorable conditions for recreational walks at any time of the year. In the township «Yuzhniy» you can make a walk both through the territory of the sanatorium and in the nearby coastal park, on the slope of the picturesque Volga coast. On the territory of the pulmonology department you can visit the museum-installation «Pulmobil». For those who want to get know better with Samara region, group excursion programs are also offered - a whole range of excursions to museums and the city of Samara (groups of 12 people). The sanatorium was awarded letters of appreciation, diplomas, diplomas and commemorative badges of the contests "The Best Sanatoriums of Russia", "The Best Resorts of Russia". Medical assistance to foreign citizens temporarily residing or permanently residing in the Russian Federation is provided in the Federal State Budgetary Institution Scientific Research Center for Children's Health of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation according to The Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 06.03.2016 № 186 «On approval of the rules for the provision of medical assistance to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation». Foreign citizens who are insured in accordance with the Federal Law «On Compulsory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation» are entitled to free medical care under compulsory medical insurance; medical assistance to foreign citizens is provided in accordance with contracts for the provision of paid medical services or voluntary medical insurance contracts. You can get detailed information about paid medical services on the website of the sanatorium Payment for services can be made in several ways: in cash, by bank transfer, with a plastic card. For questions of payment and accommodation, you can contact by phone: +78469262065; +78469529481.

Contact Information:

• Department №1 (pulmonological): 443031, Samara, 9 glade, 3 line; phone number: +78469529481, fax: +78469529279;

• Department №2 (anti-tuberculosis): 443029, Samara, 7 Shvernika street, phone number: +78469943602;

• Department №3 (pediatric general somatic, multidisciplinary): 443048, Samara, township «Yuzhny», building 30, phone numbers: +78469782317, +78469782366.